X-Particles with Redshift 3D – Online Course

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All you need to know about how to render X-Particles with Redshift 3D.

It’s an ONLINE 2.5 hours course with all details about how to use Xparticles and Explosia FX with Redshift v3. We are explaining step by step our techniques and all important Redshift nodes, which are able to transform all powerful X-Particles data into beautiful renders. You can also learn the basics of Xparticles and Explosia FX simulation or dynamics. The course includes: 15 C4D Scenes, VDB files, Fire/Smoke Shaders, free HDRi Maps. (commercial assets / hdri maps are not included)

*Please note that this course does not explain motion modifiers or details about simulation. All these information contains X-Particles video documentation by Insydium.

Also our main idea is to teach you how to create your own scenes. Hence, we are keeping price of our courses affordable to everyone. That`s the reason why commercial assets / hdri maps are not included. But we provide links where you can find huge amount of similar assets or hdri maps for free.

All X-Particles chapters are also included in our Redshift 3D – ULTIMATE EDITION.

For more info please visit: https://lfodesign.com/simulation

Important Info to Note:

All assets, videos, files and any other materials provided in this course are copyrighted by LFO Design and it cannot be shared or used without the express authorization from LFO Design.

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X-Particles with Redshift 3D – Online Course

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