Ultimate Procedural Material Library for Redshift

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LFO Design is introducing RS Tools – A powerful set of Redshift nodes grouped together.
With RS Tools, you can effortlessly control your materials and make your workflow more efficient with just a couple of sliders.
It allows you to create complex materials quickly and easily.
Also, RS tools allows you to easily generate selections, masks, color blends, and material breakups. These tools are essential for achieving proper texturing.

Our material library is unlike any other. It’s the only fully procedural one for C4D/Redshift with compact tools and a user-friendly interface. It includes all the common material types, allowing you to create countless combinations or your own unique materials. Plus, you can easily edit the materials using just a few sliders to get the perfect look you want.

This material library has been primarily designed for C4D 2023 and Redshift 3.5+. We're thrilled to announce the latest update to our fully procedural material library, now featuring a unique collection of over 1800 Redshift materials, alongside a comprehensive suite of 145 RS tools, 100+ NEW C4D 2024 Particles Scenes, and more than 100 Scene node assets. 

All upcoming updates are free, and there is no subscription or additional payments required. Just a one-time payment.

The minimum requirements for Material library are Cinema 4D R25 and Redshift 3.5

The minimum requirements for Scene node assets are Cinema 4D 2023 and Redshift 3.5

The minimum requirements for C4D Particles and Volume Displacement are Cinema 4D 2024.4 and Redshift 3.6

List of current material types:

Anisotropy, Radial Anisotropy, Brushed, Bump, Concrete, Crystals, Dent, Scratches, Dirt, Dust, Rust, Wet, Displacement Organic, Displace Surface, Emissive, Fabrics, Sheen, Flakes, Foam assets, Glass, Ice, Snow, Lava, Imperfection, Incandescent Lines, Leather, Skin, Liquids, Magic, Marble, Metal, Metallic, Moss, Mud, Opacity, Organic, Paint, Patterns, Pencil, Plastic, Refractive, Rocks, Roughness, Sand, Soil, Sub-Surface, Thin Film, Volume, Water, Wood, Mirror, Jelly, Wax, Cream, Bubbles, Bones, Human Skin, Monster Skin, Chocolate, Terrain, Volume Displacement, Particles ...

A complimentary sample library is also available, enabling you to test compatibility and experience its functionality at no cost.

LINK: https://lfodesign.gumroad.com/l/tools

For more details, please contact us via email: info@lfodesign.com

This library is not a part of any other of our products. It is also not a Redshift course. In case you would like to learn how Redshift works, procedural texturing, or lighting, here is the link to our Redshift course: https://lfodesign.gumroad.com/l/redshift

License type:

One license is for one user, and you can install it on multiple machines that you own. However, every other user needs to purchase their own license. If you would like to purchase multiple licenses, kindly contact us directly for a discount.

Copyright policy:

All assets, videos, files, and any other materials provided in this material library are copyrighted by LFO Design, and they cannot be shared or used for sales without express authorization from LFO Design. You are allowed to use all our materials and tools for commercial purposes, such as rendering, tutorials, or any other types of commercial visualization.

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You will get 1800 Redshift Materials, 145 RS Tools, 100+ Particle Scenes and more than 100 Scene Node Assets.

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Ultimate Procedural Material Library for Redshift

50 ratings
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